5 Pk - 10 in. Straws
5 Pk - 5 in. Straws
10 Pk - 5 in. Straws
Little Red Straws
Variety Pack


If you use spray cans you probably LOST the straws that come with them. Annoying! Wasteful! Now you can have as many of those Little Red Straws as you want!

We have REPLACEMENT STRAWS (sometimes called tubes) for those aerosol cans of lubricant, de-greaser, carburetor cleaner, roach spray, and 100 other useful can products. The nozzles on most cans are not standardized but these replacement straws will fit nearly all of the them. Designed to fit tight so they won't 'blow out.'!

If you lost the straw that came with your can - THERE WAS NO REPLACEMENT! No matter how hard you looked. Now you can have lots of straws. No need to upset yourself because you can't find the straw.

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